Personalize Your Pellet Grill With Custom Paint Color

Yoder Smokers competition carts are available in three standard colors with no additional charge: orange, black and silver. Over the years, many customers have requested carts in colors to match their competition BBQ or business logo, favorite sports team, or even their car.

Yoder Smokers YS640 Pellet Grill Competition Carts Available in Custom Colors

Blue- and yellow-clad custom painted Competition Carts ready to be mounted on YS640 Pellet Cookers.

We can match just about any color in the rainbow. Give us a call at 877-409-6337 ext. 1 to learn more about options, availability, and pricing.

A Yoder “Down Under”

GrillPro, our Yoder Smoker dealer for Australia, has been very busy establishing the Yoder brand “Down Under.” Included in the latest shipment of assorted pellet grills and stick pits was this double door, 3,600-pound beast of a pit.

The smoker was custom-built for a GrillPro a client who operated one of Australia’s largest meat wholesalers and butcher shops. The client wanted a pit that could be used to showcase the business on a grand scale. Of course, GrillPro knew that Yoder had the expertise and ability to develop a custom pit to fit their client’s needs.

Working closely with the Yoder Smokers custom design staff in the US, GrillPro presented their client with a solution. The design was based on a Yoder Trailboss Trailer Pit. However, rather than mounting the huge 36” diameter pit on a trailer, a custom base was specified that would be permanently mounted into its final destination in Sydney, Australia.

Manufacturing puts the finishing touches on massive Aussie-bound pit.

Manufacturing puts the finishing touches on massive Aussie-bound pit.


True American craftsmanship.

True American craftsmanship.

Yoder Smoker...heading for the land Down Under.

Yoder Smoker…heading for the land Down Under.