Off the Grill – March 3, 2019

This week’s wrap up includes when and how to reverse sear, three new Yoder Smokers recipes and the full brisket cook discussion.  

Competition News

Lingon & Dill BBQ team from Sweden won 3rd place for Ribs at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.  This is the team’s second appearance at the BBQ competition, they placed 37th out of 250 teams and are already making plans to attend in 2020!

Topic of discussion

The full brisket cook. When is it best to separate the flat from the point?  This discussion came up among Yoder Smokers owners, here are there thoughts:

Hunter R. says you can separate the flat from the point before the cook. “You can trim the fat to your preference (on both pieces) . . . they will finish about the same time that way.”

Case C. said, “Separate at the stall then wrap to finish.”

Eric C. differed, he said that cooking them together is better and added, “If you’re doing burnt ends, take the flat to your desired temp then pull and separate.”

Ry A. has done it both ways.  He said, “Together makes the flat more moist.”

What’s your opinion?  Join the discussion by adding your comments below.

The Reverse Sear Explained

David Huff, HuffDaddy BBQ made this video explaining how and when to reverse sear your meat.  It got many kudos on YouTube so we’re sharing it here.

What’s Cookin?

Ready to cook something new? Try one of these recipes from fellow Yoder Smokers owners.

Ryan Geary, ChefBoyRG made up some quick and easy Lollipop chicken. These are super easy and always a fun treat for guests.

If you love Chicago Dogs, this collaboration cook with Joe Martinez, Smokin’ Joes BBQ is another fun recipe

The Dawgfatha, Alton Matthews, collaborated with other YouTube cooks to make Freedom Ribs.

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