The Yoder Smokers Test Bay

Like most large manufacturing facilities, our factory has a decently sized room where the shipping dock doors are located and where shipping pallets are built.  Unlike most manufacturing facilities, however, a corner of our shipping dock has been given over full time to the testing of our smokers and grills.  Today we have some YS640 Pellet Cookers in the test bay.

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Ahhh, That New Blog Smell

We’re really excited about what’s been happening with our website.  We’ve made a huge effort to make this site easy to use and fill it with our products specifications and awesome photographs – sort of the online equivalent of our competition grade products.

We’ve got some great plans for this blog.  Product announcements, how-to videos, recipes and more.  We welcome you to the new Yoder Smoker’s site – and to this blog, and encourage you to check back often.  Be sure to find and follow us on Facebook and Twitter as well, as we’ll post there to let you know great new content is waiting for you here.