Friends tell friends to buy Yoder

Buy Yoder say friendsMarlin Unruh is a friend to everyone he meets.  He loves sharing food with friends and having great BBQ is a key ingredient.

Having cooked with charcoal for most of his life, Marlin began to hear about pellet grills. Then he heard about Yoder Smokers.  He had heard about the quality, craftsmanship and versatility.  When he saw the Yoder Smoker he knew he wanted to own this brand of pellet grill. Continue reading

In it to Win it

Hoagie Smokes BBQThere is a special relationship between man, meat and fire.  Achieving a great BBQ meat flavor is the quest of every grilling enthusiast but some people are destined to take this goal to the next level: BBQ competitions.

Hoagie Smokes BBQ was started in 2014 by husband and wife team, Rush and Shari Hoag.  Based in the Pacific NW, this team goes to several competitions every year.  Their biggest joy is showing off the many trophies and ribbons they’ve won. Continue reading

Real Smoked BBQ, Fired Up With Yoder

These monster Yoder Smokers are getting ready for a west coast road trip. The 36″ X 108″ triple-door offset wood-fired pits are the latest custom smokers we’ve made for the Ingram family barbecue empire. The Ingrams run six popular restaurants spread out across California’s fertile Central Coast region known for barbecue that is so delicious, it regularly sells out.

Custom Yoder Smokers En Route to California Continue reading