Making the list – Inc. 5000

We made the list!

For the second year in a row, Yoder Smokers has been listed on the Inc. 5000.  Ranked number 2926 with a 140% increase over 2016, Yoder Smokers is a specialty manufacturing company located in Hutchinson, Kansas.

Yoder Smokers began as a simple hobby project by friends who had a love of gathering and cooking.  Joe Phillips and Don Cary began building traditional wood smokers and charcoal grills in 2007. By early 2009 Yoder Smokers products were carried at Cabela’s locations and by numerous dealers throughout the United States.  A custom division was formed and began producing backyard and trailer units for delivery in the US and abroad.

With industry leading quality, world class customer service and state of the art manufacturing the brand began to grow.

In 2010 Yoder Smokers experienced great success having countless wins on the Yoder Smokers at various barbecue competitions, the most notable of these was the American Royal Barbecue Championship.  It was this success that lead to the next phase of growth, the pellet grill.

The first pellet grills were produced in 2010.  There were two introductory models: the YS640 and YS480.  At first, the pellet grills were sold through Yoder Smokers’ sister company All Things Barbecue.

The ability to grill, bake and smoke was a game changer for this style of cooker. The hand-crafted design and innovative approach of manufacturing a pellet grill that could produce world class results was the heart of the brand by early 2012.

“The early commitment to our friends and family has really turned into something special,” said Joe Phillips, “Our full range of products and our pellet grills performance has really been humbling.”

The versatility of the Yoder Smokers pellet grills went well beyond weekend cooking.  With Yoder Smokers’ pellet grills, customers were able to cook an entire meal.  No longer restricted to special occasions, Yoder Smokers owners find themselves cooking on the grills every day. These specialty cookers can be found throughout the backyards of the world and have become a premium solution for outdoor cooking.

Yoder Smokers has grown to be the largest manufacturer of wood, charcoal and pellet barbecue equipment made entirely in the United States.

“Our original idea was to deliver a product that produced exceptional meals with a craftsmanship that was missing from other products on the market,” says Joe Phillips, “We set out to build something better and accomplished it with feedback from our customers.”

Moving into 2019, the leadership, manufacturing and sales team is excited about the growth and future products.

Joe sums it up with this, “Our team has delivered on our promise and we have created one of the most versatile cooking devices on the planet. None of this could be possible without our customer base and team”

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