Yoder Smokers and Project Smoke | Enter to Win a YS640 and More

Yoder Smokers and Steven Raichlen at American Royal

When Steven Raichlen was inducted to the KCBS BBQ Hall of Fame at the American Royal in October, he stopped by the Yoder Smokers booth to check out our cookers and chat. In person, the noted author and television personality is just as gracious and knowledgeable about the art of cooking with fire as he appears on television.

Steven Raichlen and the Yoder Smokers Cimarron Offset Smoker

Steven had heard of Yoder Smokers but had never had the opportunity to see them in person. He asked Don and Joe a lot of questions about the cookers on display and seemed to like what he heard and saw. In fact, he decided to use the Yoder Smokers Cimarron and Loaded Wichita offset smokers for the upcoming season of Project Smoke, which will premiere on PBS stations at the end of May.


Project Smoke‘s second season was filmed in Palm Springs, California, which proved to be a beautiful backdrop to showcase the capabilities (and movie star good looks) of our Cimarron Competition Smoker. Raichlen promises the new season will feature plenty of traditional low and slow favorites, but also new and innovative ways of using smoke in your cooking. There will be barbecue, of course, but there will also be smokey mixed drinks and an entire episode dedicated to smoking breakfast foods.



A companion book to the series, Project Smoke, will be available in stores this week. To celebrate the release of the Project Smoke book and the premiere of the new season, we are partnering with Steven Raichlen’s Barbecue Bible, Workman Publishing, GrillGrate, and Tailgater Magazine to give away an amazing YS640 pellet grill package! You could win a YS640 with GrillGrate set and tool, plus a copy of Project Smoke. Learn more and enter to win at BarbecueBible.com.

Project Smoke Yoder Smokers YS640 Giveaway

Exciting news for local barbecue lovers – get a chance to experience Project Smoke up close and personal! Join Steven Raichlen for two very special cooking classes at All Things Barbecue on Saturday, June 25th. He’ll be in the ATBBQ test kitchen in Wichita, sharing stories and secrets from his travels, cooking on a variety of Yoder Smokers, and signing copies of Project Smoke. Space is limited, so be sure to register early to reserve your seat.


19 thoughts on “Yoder Smokers and Project Smoke | Enter to Win a YS640 and More

  1. I’ve never owned a smoker or have I ever smoked but doing research Yoder I think is the way I’m going to go at some point here.

    • We build a wide range of Yoder Smokers, from traditional wood-fired offset pits (like the ones Steven Raichlen is shown with) and charcoal grills to our extremely versatile YS series pellet cookers and custom trailers that configure all of the above. We try to offer something for everyone.

  2. My current grill and smoker are aging and need to be replaced, this looks like a great replacement grill! I really need something before the season gets in full swing…

    • Yoder Smokers are built to order, so remember to consider the lead time when you plan your purchase! They tend to get wider as the season gets underway.

  3. I have checked out several smokers. Your smokers are just what I’m looking for they meet my first major requirement made in the U.S. I look forward to looking through your catalog.

  4. I currently own a pellet grill and use it all the time. Sad to say it is not a Yoder. The pellet grill I use now is fine and works good, but I will say when I first got interested in cooking with pellets and was doing lots and lots of shopping around, the Yoder was my smoker of choice. Due to all the mechanical parts and not quite trusting the how they work, I went with a less expensive product at first. I’m still using it and just waiting for something to break so I can go out and get a Yoder. After researching several makes and models, I would consider the “Yoder” the tank of all pellet smokers. The working parts appear to be much stronger, built with heavier gage steel. I can only imagine the quality would aid with a more consistent temperature and less consumption of pellets.

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