Memories and moments with Joe Giuffria

When Joe Giuffria was a teenager, he met someone who would be very influential in his life, starting him on a path that would eventually take his passion to YouTube. That person was Steve Lucchi. In his youth, Joe remembers his family going out to dinner with Steve to restaurants where they would be enjoying a fine meal or the perfect barbecue, and Steve would say, “Seize the moment, it’s all about the memories and the moments.”Joe Giuffria - Southern Coastal Cooking

A few years later, in 2002, Steve gave Joe a moment he would never forget. Steve invited Joe and his father to accompany him to Memphis in May. Joe had been experimenting with barbecue and grilling in college with his buddies as a hobby. But the invite to Memphis in May lit a spark. “They were so gracious and the presentation, the way they interacted with the judges, the whole experience was amazing,” said Joe.

And it couldn’t get any better when Steve’s team, The Southern Gentlemen’s Culinary Society, took 1st place in whole hog and 2nd in ribs among other calls. Joe and his father were invited up on stage with the team to accept the award. Joe vividly remembers the moment when his dad held the huge trophy and he looked out over the Mississippi river as the passing barges honked their approval.

Joe knew then, that his hobby was going to become a passion. He had deep roots in the love of food, his two grandmothers were exceptional cooks. One was Italian, the other cooked in the deep south tradition called soul food. Looking back, it seems only natural that those memories would lead Joe to pick up his own style of cooking. And his own type of barbecue, a combination of Memphis and Texas styles. So Joe set to work cooking for family and friends. Experimenting with styles and flavors influenced by the southern Gulf coast area. His flavor experiments kept coming back to barbecue.

A few years later, Joe was using Google to find recipes and stumbled upon the Louisiana Cajun Recipe channel on YouTube. The channel owner, JB Bond, always has a “Spring Fling” at his Southern Coastal Cookinghouse and invites everyone to come for boiled crawfish, barbecue and jambalaya. Joe went in 2009 and met JB in hopes of getting pointers to start his own YouTube channel. In that moment he found a mentor and a friend. The Southern Coastal Cooking YouTube channel was launched.

Next came the trial and error of finding the best cooking equipment. If you have followed Joe’s channel, you know he’s tried several types of cookers. And he spent quite a bit of time researching smokers. He visited online forums and Facebook groups, he watched what other YouTuber’s like Troy Smith were using for their cooks. He talked to manufacturers and even had some come demonstrate for him. He saw a photo of Malcom Reed and his YS480. Ultimately, all of Joe’s research lead him to the Yoder Smokers YS640. “I saved and saved for it” Joe recalls. On July 7, 2015, after a year of research, he finally ordered what he calls “an investment in a quality piece of equipment.”

Joe understands what it means to make a big purchase. He used to sell appliances and now he sells cars. Joe says there is a lot of emotion when it comes to making an important purchase. “There is something inside you, like butterflies in your stomach,” he said, “it became a spur of the moment decision but it was the right one.” He was so excited he made a video about the purchase before it arrived!

This is the grill for a lifetime.

YS640 Joe GiuffriaJoe cooks on the YS640 at least once a week. If he’s not shooting a video, he’s experimenting with new recipes. And he’s added a wood fired Kingman to his line up. His favorite thing to cook is brisket but says, “it does wonderful with anything you want to put on there.”

Aside from the excellent build quality, which Joe reviews in one of his videos, he says the great thing is you can set it and forget it. “A lot of people are so worried about all the probes and temperature,” said Joe, “Don’t fuss with it so much, trust the cooker. It’s meant to mimic a wood burning fire. It will get it done.” Now that Joe has really learned about his YS640, he prefers to cook to touch. “When I feel a brisket I can tell, when it jiggles, it’s soft to the touch and I can push a chopstick in it, it’s done,” said Joe.Kingman Comp - Guiffria

It’s been almost four years since he purchased his first Yoder Smokers pellet grill. He’s created many memorable meals and shared many special moments with his family over dinners he’s cooked. And now, his daughter expressed an interest in learning to cook, even trying to help in effort to be a part of the videos.  When asked to review the product and the company Joe says, “I’ve had a great experience with Yoder, I’ve never had any issues. This is a long-term investment you won’t have to replace.”

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  1. This is awesome son! What a great story about you! Your interest in good food and and cooking started when you were just a youngster about seven years old. We took you out to eat at Dennery’s, one of Jackson’s fine restaurants back then. I thought you would order a typical kids meal like chicken or hamburger but boy did you surprise us. You insisted on having Lobster Thermidor!! Next time it was steak and ribs! This article truly describes you. Thanks for sharing it. So proud of you Joseph!

  2. Love your videos! Love yoder smokers/atbbq! One of these days I will own another yoder! Bbq is passion as I believe I have sauce running through my veins!

  3. Bought my Yoders’ two YS640s because of his channel! Just cooked out tonight with the Johnsons down the street… Sothern Coastal Cooking is one of my favorite channels due to the fact her only buys quality products and knows how to use them. Thank you both!!

  4. Joes SOUTHRN COASTAL COOKING is a genius pit Master!!!, his YouTube channel is the best out there, and Joe deserves many accolades and awards for what he is doing!!!! Thanks YODER SMOKERS for recognizing this mans talent and understanding of the BBQ COMPETITION WORLD . This is the dawn of a new era of BBB thanks to JOE…….He need to much more famous than he already is,folk!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I had never heard of a Yoder until I started watching Joe on YouTube. Joe was the very first one to use my products, Sweet Smokie Joe, on this platform and since then my company has taken off. Because of that, I will forever be grateful. That is why my next grill purchase will be a Yoder. Thank you Joe and I cannot wait to buy a Yoder!

  6. Joe,
    Well earned my man…you are certsinly inspiring and let me tell you my dang job is cramping my cooking time lol!!! I first learned of Yoder through you and vividly remember how excited you were when you took delivery…super stoked!! Ordered the catalog and they are on my short list. You have a lot better attitude than Myron lol.

  7. Congrats to Joe!! We always enjoy Joe’s videos and he’s how we learned about the Yoder grills…in fact we did ribs this past weekend!

  8. Congratulations joe ! I looked at many smokers but decided to get my ys640 because of you and Malcom Reed . 1000% made the right choice .

  9. I really do love watching these people cooking and grilling . Noce people and The food looks magnificent! Ive been posting his videos for others to enjoy @wandascott2019 on twitter. Using them like My COMMERCIAL BREAKS ,Makes me want to to get outside and cook .Im always hungry after watching too. I need to get a good set up for cooking like hes got….

  10. Great article! Joe is a great cook, and has inspired many great family dinners at my house. I’ve been following his channel for a few years now. His recommendations on everything from different cooking equipment, seasonings, spices… are spot on. My dream is to have a Yoder like Joe’s one day!

  11. Joe is a great guy. I have learned a lot by watching is videos. He has a great YouTube channel southern coastal cooking ,if you haven’t checked it out it’s a must.

  12. Congratulations Joe. I’ve gotten a lot of inspiration and knowledge from your videos. Keep it up and keep us motivated.

  13. Joe was the main reason I purchase my YS640 after watching his video’s and seeing a YS640 in action. Thank you Joe.

  14. Wow what a great read!!! Joe has such a way of getting through to everyone whether you’re a first time cook or a seasoned pit master. Joe has always came across as a straight shooter about all products and equipment he uses and reviews. Joe’s videos were my first introduction to Yoder Smokers and I believed in him and watch him constantly making delicious barbecue on his Yoder Smokers. So thank you Joe for everything and thank you Yoders Smokers for making such a incredible product and having a customer service that’s second to none!!! YS640 is all I use and will be a customer for life!!!

  15. I’ve been watching Joe’s channel since 2013. I’ve been trying to mimic the recipes and it’s inspired me to branch out and create my own. I am saving up for a YS640 of my own after seeing several of his cooks.

  16. Joe is a classy guy. His cooking videos are a total enjoyment as well as a learning experience. All of his tooling for cooking is top notch from his smokers to pans, spatula’s, spices and seasoning’s…..

    Companies and Vendors should be proud of this guy for what he is doing on his own personal time proving what can be done by any novice back yard griller like myself. Keep up the awesome work Joe, your loved by many!……

    P.S. I can’t wait to buy my first Yoder!….

  17. Joe is the kind of guy I want representing my product. Honest, loyal and tells it like it is. He’s the best in the business and the most genuine. I love his daughter in his videos!

  18. Joe has such passion and it’s infectious and genuine. I have tried many of his recipes over the years and may someday splurge for a Yoder cooker. Congrats to Joe for his accomplishments and his great cooks. Looking forward to many more.

  19. He is one of the first people I saw using a Yoder on YouTube. I watched his videos a lottttttttt before I bought my YS640. I could tell through his videos they were built like tanks.

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