2 thoughts on “Setting Up Your Pellet Grill for Direct Grilling

  1. How would you coldsmoke on a ys640, or can u build a custom little coldsmoker on the YS640 0r 1500 drum smoker. deciding on yoder or the bad word mak2 star, even though I really like yoder build.

    • Our customers have used their Yoder pellet pits to cold smoke a couple different ways.

      First would be to add a 12″ A-MAZE-N Smoker Tube, they work incredibly well and can also be used while the pit is smoking to add more or different flavors to your food.

      Second would be to add an additional smoke generator like the Smoke Daddy Big Kahuna to the pit. This is the far more expensive route, and we do not find that the Smoke Daddy does a better job than a simple Smoker Tube that costs under $30, but the option is popular with some (especially if you like gadgets).

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