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  1. Have you ever considered adding the pellet control features to your Stockton setup? I think it would be the best of all worlds.

  2. How would you coldsmoke on a ys640, or can u build a custom little coldsmoker on the YS640 0r 1500 drum smoker. deciding on yoder or the bad word mak2 star, even though I really like yoder build.

    • Our customers have used their Yoder pellet pits to cold smoke a couple different ways.

      First would be to add a 12″ A-MAZE-N Smoker Tube, they work incredibly well and can also be used while the pit is smoking to add more or different flavors to your food.

      Second would be to add an additional smoke generator like the Smoke Daddy Big Kahuna to the pit. This is the far more expensive route, and we do not find that the Smoke Daddy does a better job than a simple Smoker Tube that costs under $30, but the option is popular with some (especially if you like gadgets).

  3. I can’t believe, from looking at all the competition at the American Royal, that the largest T-Shirt you are carry is a 3XL. I am very proud to own a Yoder Smoker and I am at least a 5XL.

    • Hey Ron. The shirts were a huge success. We will be ordering a new run to put in our upcoming online store. There will be 5x tees in that order and every order from here on out. Thanks for your support. Can’t wait to get one of these Yoder Nation tees to you! We’ll keep you posted.

  4. I should have wrapped at about the 7.5 to 8hr mark. You can put the butcher paper insider the Yoder for 2 hours? Does the paper not get too hot and burn?

    Thanks for the great write up

  5. The paper should be fine in your cooker since you are cooking at a lower heat – remember Fahrenheit 451 is the temp at which books burn…

    To be honest at #TeamYoder HQ, we prefer foil!

    • Paper paper paper! Well unlined butcher paper. Use it all the time. It won’t burn on you if you are using it to finish the brisket.

  6. Why does Yoder not offer an interactive food probe like Memphis grills and Louisiana grills? I sell all 3 brands at my place of employment ..Your cabinets are second to none .But the lack of a probe means I sell more of the other 2.. Any plans for (what in my opinion would be) a upgrade?

    • Thanks for the support, Weldon. As you might know, Yoder Smokers puts a lot of effort into research and development, ensuring our cookers are top notch. We do not offer a proprietary integrated probe thermometer because we believe that the available aftermarket solutions are more affordable and consistently efficient option than current built-in options. We have been asked many times for a Yoder version but until we come across a design that meets our engineering standards and production needs, we are not planning to add bells and whistles to our cookers.

    • Not sure what pellets Scott used for this cook but using BBQrs Delight Mesquite pellets or blending some into your usual mix would certainly add a little Hill Country flavor to brisket!

      • FWIW – mesquite is generally more East Texas… You’ll want oak (preferably post… But live oak will suffice s well) if you’re going for that Central Texas flair.

        • Mesquite is a west Texas thing, thats all that grows there… but in central and East Texas Post Oak and Mesquite are used.

  7. I’ve never owned a smoker or have I ever smoked but doing research Yoder I think is the way I’m going to go at some point here.

    • We build a wide range of Yoder Smokers, from traditional wood-fired offset pits (like the ones Steven Raichlen is shown with) and charcoal grills to our extremely versatile YS series pellet cookers and custom trailers that configure all of the above. We try to offer something for everyone.

  8. My current grill and smoker are aging and need to be replaced, this looks like a great replacement grill! I really need something before the season gets in full swing…

    • Yoder Smokers are built to order, so remember to consider the lead time when you plan your purchase! They tend to get wider as the season gets underway.

  9. I have checked out several smokers. Your smokers are just what I’m looking for they meet my first major requirement made in the U.S. I look forward to looking through your catalog.

  10. I currently own a pellet grill and use it all the time. Sad to say it is not a Yoder. The pellet grill I use now is fine and works good, but I will say when I first got interested in cooking with pellets and was doing lots and lots of shopping around, the Yoder was my smoker of choice. Due to all the mechanical parts and not quite trusting the how they work, I went with a less expensive product at first. I’m still using it and just waiting for something to break so I can go out and get a Yoder. After researching several makes and models, I would consider the “Yoder” the tank of all pellet smokers. The working parts appear to be much stronger, built with heavier gage steel. I can only imagine the quality would aid with a more consistent temperature and less consumption of pellets.

  11. Awesome process I haven’t tried a brisket yet on my yonder been a little tenetive because of the price here in California but you have taken the guess work out of it. Thanks for your help. Greg

  12. this comment is for ty – you are the hottest kid on planet earth I love you btw I live very close to you I live in San Antonio Texas

  13. I too have a Yoder YS640 but have yet to try a brisket because its just myself, my wife and the cat. And the cat probably wouldn’t help eat a 15# brisket so the only thing I’ve been cooking is chicken, be it wings or halves or quarters. I’m still in the learning process of how to cook on this thing so your post was most helpful but I have a question about the part where you moved the grilling dampner to the center. Wouldn’t that actually concentrate the heat more and burn or cook the brisket faster? When I cook my chicken I make sure the dampner is all the way out so to get a more even smoke and I just assumed you would do the same for a large piece of meat. Any thoughts on this? And thanks ahead of your response.
    Richrt from Texas

  14. Our sales team will email you some information. In the meantime, please see our website at yodersmokers.com for more about our smokers.

  15. If you are using a pellet smoker with the pellet/heat source coming from the bottom, put your brisket on fat side down. If the heat source is coming from the top, then fat side up. This will prevent the bottom from become leather like. The myth that the fat drips down the brisket keep in moist, is just that, a myth. If this were true, then your brisket would not have become crunchy and leather textured.

    Wrapping your brisket at the 160 degree mark assist in cooking, and eliminates over smoking. Some people do not care for that much smoke flavor in their meat. Me, I enjoy the smoked flavor. Wrapping also assist in helping the brisket breakdown that tough collagen inside.

  16. I used this process for the last year on my YS 480 and I swear he is right!!! Never wrap the brisket during the cook. And use butcher paper for the rest! It works!

  17. This is great Naomi! How much work did it take to manage your cook? I’ve always wanted to do a longer cook without the “Texas Crutch”, but I’m not disciplined enough to wake up every 90 minutes and check on things LOL If you would have slept through the night would the yoder hold it’s temperature?

  18. Chris had a very unique experience. Was certainly impress with his cooking, and the reliability of the Yoder pellet smoker. I am considering the same unit he purchased,

  19. From what I have researched the Yodersmokers are-the best pellet smokers on the market to date. I can’t wait till I find a great deal like Chris did so we can cook up some delish smoked meats of our own

  20. Hello, i too am a die hard “pellet head” i love cooking on them, its therapeutic and lets face it, MEN JUST LOVE TO WATCH THINGS SMOKE , A PILE OF LEAVES, A CAMPFIRE ETC..,, several years ago i bought a treager and have used it SO MUCH although i was never really that impressed with any aspect of it. I have subscribed to every pellet grill channel there is and watch and read daily, ive learned so much. I have researched in depth all about pellets, and so many pellet grills i cant count them all and the pellet grill i want?, its the “Yoder ys 640”, im saving for it as best i can.. of all the grills out there i believe its tops…Curt

  21. Troy taught me how to cook a perfect brisket on his YouTube channel on my first try. Now I need a Cheyanne or Wichita in my back yard! I absolutely love the low and slow, and so do my friends and family. Looking. Forward to owning a yoder one day!

  22. Just love the man that invented bacon. It is such a versatile piece of meat and can go with almost anything.

    When I make bacon wrapped chicken thighs I need to smoke off 20 or 30 pieces because everyone wants to take some home with them.


  23. Great story and well told. Julie is a great gift giver and daughter-in-law, and ALEX is a wonderful son! I can’t wait to visit Dallas, and have some Yoder-smoked food!

  24. looks good will have to give this a try as we are very fond of chicken wings
    do you have any pork rib BBQ recipes

  25. Do you have a recommendation on how to keep the damper sliding in and out smoothly? What would be a proper grease or lubricant that will last and not be improper to use inside the smoker body?

  26. Great story! Since you mentioned it, it would be awesome if Yoder put a Fireboard connection on the YS1500. It would be the marriage of two great BBQ products.

  27. Have been doing this for years, but just with pepperchini peppers in a crock pot. Will have to give this a try! Also toasted the buns and melted a slice of cheese on top before putting top bun on!

  28. One of the best reviews period. Honest and to the point. I just ordered mine and it will be here 01-14-2019. I’m in the industrial high performance coatings business as well as industrial spray equipment. The point being that the painting and touch ups are no big deal. I think Yoder would rather keep the price down on a great grill by using a finish rather than stainless channeling the money into more important features.
    When mine arrives I’m going to take it to my store and spray it with a 1000 degree high heat clear coat. Shelves and all. No sanding will be needed as I do have a wipe on bonding agent as a primer. Spray it on like windex and wipe. This will permanently fuse the clear. This needs to be done when new for best results. Once again thank you.

    • Hey Yoder,
      Does Gary’s clear coat void any warranties? I like the idea and might do it to mine if I’m able. (Soon to purchase a 480.) I’m not in the industrial high performance coating business. Have you Yoder guys considering doing this straight from the plant?

      • Thanks for the comment Keith – Our exterior surfaces are not covered under our warranty. It’s your choice to clear coat the exterior paint if you wish to do so. It will only void the warranty if you physically modify any component in the hopper or chamber.

  29. Love my Yoder ys640 , and very happy with the rub would be nice to have a rub and sauce class for new users would love to have the basics on building my own sauce and rubs you guys rock keep up the good work

    • Ketchup, Mustard, and cider vinegar are all great bases to BBQ sauces. You can add spices, brown sugar, honey, or all different types of ingredients to change it up.

    • Hi Betty – looks like the nearest one to you is in Auburn:
      Watson Brothers Patio & Hearth
      1799 Ogletree Road Suite 300
      Auburn, AL 36830

    • Hi Randy – thanks for the question. If you message @unhingedbbq on Instagram or @ubbq on Twitter then Heath (the cook behind the recipe) can get you an answer.

  30. I’m so honored and humbled to be mentioned! I showed this to Lucas, who is pictured next to me in the video and he is all giddy as all get out! Thank you Yoder for being so awesome and making the best product around!

  31. This is awesome son! What a great story about you! Your interest in good food and and cooking started when you were just a youngster about seven years old. We took you out to eat at Dennery’s, one of Jackson’s fine restaurants back then. I thought you would order a typical kids meal like chicken or hamburger but boy did you surprise us. You insisted on having Lobster Thermidor!! Next time it was steak and ribs! This article truly describes you. Thanks for sharing it. So proud of you Joseph!

  32. Love your videos! Love yoder smokers/atbbq! One of these days I will own another yoder! Bbq is passion as I believe I have sauce running through my veins!

  33. Bought my Yoders’ two YS640s because of his channel! Just cooked out tonight with the Johnsons down the street… Sothern Coastal Cooking is one of my favorite channels due to the fact her only buys quality products and knows how to use them. Thank you both!!

  34. Joes SOUTHRN COASTAL COOKING is a genius pit Master!!!, his YouTube channel is the best out there, and Joe deserves many accolades and awards for what he is doing!!!! Thanks YODER SMOKERS for recognizing this mans talent and understanding of the BBQ COMPETITION WORLD . This is the dawn of a new era of BBB thanks to JOE…….He need to much more famous than he already is,folk!!!!!!!!!!

  35. I had never heard of a Yoder until I started watching Joe on YouTube. Joe was the very first one to use my products, Sweet Smokie Joe, on this platform and since then my company has taken off. Because of that, I will forever be grateful. That is why my next grill purchase will be a Yoder. Thank you Joe and I cannot wait to buy a Yoder!

  36. Joe,
    Well earned my man…you are certsinly inspiring and let me tell you my dang job is cramping my cooking time lol!!! I first learned of Yoder through you and vividly remember how excited you were when you took delivery…super stoked!! Ordered the catalog and they are on my short list. You have a lot better attitude than Myron lol.

  37. Congrats to Joe!! We always enjoy Joe’s videos and he’s how we learned about the Yoder grills…in fact we did ribs this past weekend!

  38. Congratulations joe ! I looked at many smokers but decided to get my ys640 because of you and Malcom Reed . 1000% made the right choice .

  39. I really do love watching these people cooking and grilling . Noce people and The food looks magnificent! Ive been posting his videos for others to enjoy @wandascott2019 on twitter. Using them like My COMMERCIAL BREAKS ,Makes me want to to get outside and cook .Im always hungry after watching too. I need to get a good set up for cooking like hes got….

  40. Great article! Joe is a great cook, and has inspired many great family dinners at my house. I’ve been following his channel for a few years now. His recommendations on everything from different cooking equipment, seasonings, spices… are spot on. My dream is to have a Yoder like Joe’s one day!

  41. Joe is a great guy. I have learned a lot by watching is videos. He has a great YouTube channel southern coastal cooking ,if you haven’t checked it out it’s a must.

  42. Congratulations Joe. I’ve gotten a lot of inspiration and knowledge from your videos. Keep it up and keep us motivated.

  43. Joe was the main reason I purchase my YS640 after watching his video’s and seeing a YS640 in action. Thank you Joe.

  44. Wow what a great read!!! Joe has such a way of getting through to everyone whether you’re a first time cook or a seasoned pit master. Joe has always came across as a straight shooter about all products and equipment he uses and reviews. Joe’s videos were my first introduction to Yoder Smokers and I believed in him and watch him constantly making delicious barbecue on his Yoder Smokers. So thank you Joe for everything and thank you Yoders Smokers for making such a incredible product and having a customer service that’s second to none!!! YS640 is all I use and will be a customer for life!!!

  45. I’ve been watching Joe’s channel since 2013. I’ve been trying to mimic the recipes and it’s inspired me to branch out and create my own. I am saving up for a YS640 of my own after seeing several of his cooks.

  46. Joe is a classy guy. His cooking videos are a total enjoyment as well as a learning experience. All of his tooling for cooking is top notch from his smokers to pans, spatula’s, spices and seasoning’s…..

    Companies and Vendors should be proud of this guy for what he is doing on his own personal time proving what can be done by any novice back yard griller like myself. Keep up the awesome work Joe, your loved by many!……

    P.S. I can’t wait to buy my first Yoder!….

  47. Joe is the kind of guy I want representing my product. Honest, loyal and tells it like it is. He’s the best in the business and the most genuine. I love his daughter in his videos!

  48. Joe has such passion and it’s infectious and genuine. I have tried many of his recipes over the years and may someday splurge for a Yoder cooker. Congrats to Joe for his accomplishments and his great cooks. Looking forward to many more.

  49. I have my 640 in a metal building . I will be using the building as my smoke shed. I know it needs to be vented. I can only vent it through the wall. What would be best # 1 . vent the smoke stack through the wall or install a exhaust fan above the smoke stack? Thanks Jay cowick

    • My 2 cents. I’d vent the stack through the wall and install an exhaust fan both. You need oxygen for the fire to maintain itself. I don’t know how big your shed is, but you could run into an issue where the fire can’t ‘breathe’. The fan will help that. Venting into the shed and then having the fan pull the excess out will be it’s own problem. You’ll find yourself cleaning or replacing that fan every time it gets gummed up with tar. Never mind someone finding you face first on the floor from carbon monoxide when you went out to wrap up a brisket.

  50. He is one of the first people I saw using a Yoder on YouTube. I watched his videos a lottttttttt before I bought my YS640. I could tell through his videos they were built like tanks.

  51. Many of us have a Yoder YS640… now that the YS640s is out, can we update our existing 640’s with the new ACS system ?

  52. That’s what makes these so great. The fact that they have great bones. You can always make them look brand new even when they’ve been abused.

  53. This recipe needs revised. There is no Chipotle or cumin listed in the gastrique ingredients yet they are in the instructions. And if the peanut brittle powder is blended into the gastrique what is being put on the peanut butter later on. Thanks for the recipe and I’m looking forward to trying it. I’ve heard it’s amazing!

  54. The sauce was fantastic! Everything turned out really good. Our ribs were pretty big… Costco purchase, so we could have cooked another 1/2 hour, for a more tender rib. We couldn’t find jalapeno barbecue sauce, so used a ghost barbecue sauce found at our local store and it was perfect… will definitely use it again! Thanks so much for the recipe. We loved it!

  55. For you poor unfortunates who just now realize “what chipotle paste, cumin?’, my daughter-in-law said that she used
    1/4 C chipotle paste
    1 tsp ground cumin

    If you don’t have the paste, she has substituted red chili sauce with garlic (1/4C) and got good results with that.
    Thank you, Erin!

  56. While I may not have tried this particular recipe, Mr Padilla’s food is amazing. You can taste the love and care with which he cooks his food with!!!

  57. What an absolutely fantastic dish! I will definitely give this a try, although I’m surprised the ribs last 16 hours…I’ve never left beef ribs on that long before, as they have always reached probe tender in about half that time Thank you for sharing such an amazing recipe and the pictures are impressive!

  58. Ufffffff best ribs hands down!! Meat falls right off the bone, flavors are out of this world, and that salsa brings it all together. Damnit, I’m hungry just thinking about these!!!

  59. He learned everything from me, his brother, NOT. I’m proud of the progress he’s made in the last few years and of course I’ve benefited from all the experiments he’s had over the years. Now I want a Yoder!

  60. I have learned so much by reading Herb’s posts. I have a Loaded Witchita just recently purchased. I hope to see more from traditional stick burner enthusiasts regarding recipes and techniques. I also wish there was a simple schematic showing the temp flows both when using using the upper level rack, and without. (I am currently talking about using the heat management plate as recommended.I have actually not yet used the upper level rack.

  61. Folks I have a 640s competition grill but it has no probe ports. I saw the video on installing 1 probe, but I would like 2 – how do I go about that and where would they need to be located?
    Thanks, Steve

  62. Is it a good idea to use the Thermal Jacket in the summer? Does it reduce pellet consumption when used during hot weather? Will it burn off the paint on the exterior of the cooking chamber? Does the control board automatically adjust itself because of the extra insulation or do you have to change the cooking temperatures in the recipes?

  63. Along with all those ingredients I think the fresh beef short ribs buying reliable local meat stores with checking expires will play the main role to make this recipe more tasty and juicy.

  64. The combination of herbs and sausage in this porchetta rendition is pretty awesome. But the cooking directions are way off of a “traditional” porchetta. The skin is spongy and nowhere near the glass-like crackly goodness of a normal porchetta, and the meat still has some toughness to it at 145 degrees.

    Whacked this thing back onto the smoker and cooked it up to 165. Then I popped it into a 500-degree oven for about 20 minutes, which turned the skin into a crispy, mahogany beauty. Rotisserie over charcoal would probably have been even better, but at that point, I was too late in the day to experiment further.

    Great flavor on this recipe, but definitely needs some tweaks to the cooking instructions

  65. Woah woah woah, you mean SOUTH Carolina mustard sauce. lol Don’t try to lump us North Carolinian’s in with those mustard eating weirdos. haha. Looking forward to trying this!

    • Lower temps are better for smoking salmon, but 180 is definitely within a good range. You want to smoke it until it develops a nice, deep color and hits about 135-140 internal temp. Watch it. Should be about 2-3 hours.

  66. I always cold smoke my salmon, I don’t want to cook it, I just want it to develop the deep rich color that Jeff mentioned. I do however is a liquid brine, but since I have Heart patients in my household, I cut the salt back to about 1/4 of what I traditionally use.

    I’ve usually used the 1:1:1 ratio with Brown Sugar, Granulated Sugar, and Salt, but as I stated above, I have cut the salt back so it would look like

    1 cup Brown Sugar, (Light or Dark)
    1 cup Granulated Sugar
    1/4 cup of Iodized Salt (Or Kosher if you prefer)

    I don’t have a set time on how long it takes, I watch mine by eye, and when I have hit that nice deep rich color, I poke it with a toothpick to see if it looks consistent all the way through.

  67. I have a question Will I not be sorry if I purchased Yoder Y640s? I am looking for quality of smoked cooking and grill, tooo no matter it is very expensive but quality of taste is best answer due to variation of different tasteful pellets, is it correct? I need your feedback/tips. Thanks

  68. Dude, your video was FANTASTIC!!! Thanks for the great details and how you discussed what really matters to the everyday smoker. I thought for a long time I was going to buy a Traeger but then I saw one of these today and loved it. I was ready to buy it but thought I need to check out some reviews and make sure it was the right decision. Its a no brainer now for me. Thanks again.

    • It sure can! The pies won’t have the smoky flavor the pellet grill can impart, but they’ll still be delicious. Just follow the same directions – setting your oven to 375.

  69. Followed this recipe very closely and meat came out like cardboard. Flavor was good though. Would definitely either sous vide or instant pot this cut of meat in the future.

  70. Very tender and great flavor. I did not have jalapeno bbq sauce so just used sweet baby Ray’s and added a few teaspoons of hot sauce. Worked great!