Pitmaster Randy Robinett

Pitmaster Randy Robinett

Randy Robinett was raised on barbecue. Growing up in Missouri’s Ozark hills, he spent weekends gathered around a pit with family and friends, cooking barbecue and swapping stories.

As he continued to grow so did his passion, and decades later he’s the co-owner of R Butts R Smokin’ – a competitive barbecue team with 19 Grand Championships and successful business that sells award-winning rubs Randy developed in his kitchen.

With a lifetime of experience, Randy’s an expert at layering flavor and producing competition-worthy barbecue, and now he’s sharing his proven techniques with backyard barbecuers everywhere.

In partnership with Yoder Smokers, he’s developed a series of recipes designed to teach aspiring pit masters or anyone looking to serve a delicious meal how to achieve outstanding barbecue.

Take a look through Randy’s simple but effective recipes guaranteed to earn high marks from family and friends.

Randy’s Recipes