Introducing the Community Forum


The Official Yoder Smokers Forum has been launched! We invite you to join whether you are a Yoder owner, a fan of the brand or just love barbecue! This is a fantastic place to meet owners, talk cooking and get the low down on all Yoder products.

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Nebraskaland Bank #3

Not often do you get to build three, yes three, pits for one customer. Nebraskaland Bank is the kind of customer that knows what they like and in this case it’s Yoder! This is the third pit we’ve built for Nebraskaland, one stick burner on a trailer and two propane grills on trailers. These bad boys/girls are equipped with the essentials for any outdoor event including a beer cooler in the front of the trailer with taps hanging right out the side. Here’s to Nebraskaland and their love for Yoder. We’ll be up next year for a Husker game… you can count on that!

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