Just how tough are Yoder Smokers?

We make it pretty clear that Yoder Smokers are built tough.  We construct our line of competition-grade smoker pits to last a lifetime.  Our pellet grill body is constructed from 10-gauge steel, which provides heat retention suitable for 4-season cooking. The hopper assembly and cart are constructed from 14-gauge steel.

But just how tough are Yoder Smokers?

We’ve heard from a couple of owners that found out first hand just how Yoder Smokers stand up to the toughest tests – unexpected disasters.

Julie A. recently posted in the Team Yoder  page:

My brand new house got trashed in an insane hailstorm last night, but this thing doesn’t even have a dent (got a little wet under the cover, but other than that, she’s perfect!) Definitely going to have to buy some new pellets though! I was dreading lifting the cover this morning, after I walked around my house- quality ftw!

As you can see, the house took a beating, but the YS640 didn’t have a dent!

Photos taken immediately after hailstorm
YS640 after a wildfire swept through

Brody’s YS640 was one of the only things left standing when an Oklahoma wildfire swept through his home on April 13, 2018.  Brody had only had the Yoder since January.  And while everyone is thankful that no one was hurt, the loss was significant.  But, as you can see, the YS640 withstood the flames with some damage to the cooker that is repairable. A few internal parts and some elbow grease would put this grill back to producing great food.

When you read the comments from Yoder Smokers owners, they often say that it’s “built like a tank.”  And they are right. Proudly made in America, we build Yoder Smokers to last.  Julie and Brody know this from experience.

Let us build a Yoder Smoker for you!

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