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Winning Street Cred with Yoder

Winning Street Cred with Yoder_blog
There’s nothing worse than ruining a surprise.

Alex Deshowitz had been fantasizing about owning a Yoder Smoker for years.   He knew that Yoder was easy to use with the “set it and forget it” pellet feeder.   Alex had owned other brands of pellet grills over the years and was not impressed with the build quality or the longevity.  “I wanted something that would last and provide me with consistent and reliable results,”  Alex said, “After the fire went out twice at 2 a.m. on separate brisket cooks in my old pellet grills, I said enough is enough!”

While Alex was studying for his graduated degree he would often daydream about the many meals he would be making, including the upcoming Thanksgiving Turkey.  Finally, he could wait no longer and emailed All Things Barbecue about the availability of Yoder Smokers in their store.  Having been assured that there is generally a nice supply of grills on the floor, Alex decided to drive to Kansas to pick up the grill before finals.

“If you believe in the buy-it-once, buy-it-right mentality, bite the bullet and spring for a Yoder,” said Alex.

His plan was disrupted by his wife, Julie.  When Alex ecstatically informed Julie of the news and his plan to pick up a Yoder Smoker she was furious!

And that’s where the surprise fell apart.

Turns out Julie  knew how badly Alex really wanted a Yoder Smoker.  To surprise Alex on his graduation, she secretly went to their local dealer, BBQ Outfitters in Southlake TX and placed an order for a YS1500.   So, now that Alex had his heart set on driving to pick one up in time for Thanksgiving, Julie had to spoil the surprise gift and tell him about the order, set to arrive within a few weeks.

Alex is now the proud owner of a YS1500 complete with cover and Fireboard thermometer.  

When he first brought home the cooker, Alex was concerned with the size.  But after cooking for a few work events and family gatherings, he knows that the YS1500 was the right size for his needs.

“I have literally used the YS 1500 every weekend since receiving it.  I often cook for folks at my wife’s office and enjoy trying different rubs and new approaches to cooking,” said Alex.   He posts many photos of his cooks on the couple’s Instagram account, @myfreshands and on the “Fresh Hands” YouTube channel.

For Easter, the entire family came over and Alex cooked a brisket, 3 racks of ribs, 10 lbs of sausage, corn, and asparagus all on the YS1500!  “It performed beautifully, and I didn’t have to worry about the reliability of the smoker!” Alex exclaimed.   Alex enjoys using different rubs to enhance the flavor of the meat.  One of his favorites is Meat Church Holy Cow brisket rub which he used on ribs as well.

When asked about his secret to making great meals on the Yoder, Alex said that you shouldn’t tell your friends and family how easy it is to churn out amazing food on Yoder Smokers, “Let them think that it’s much harder than it is!! It will win you some street cred!” said Alex.

Are you ready for some street cred?  Time to purchase your Yoder Smoker.

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