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From Chicken Breast to Pork Loin

From Chicken Breast to Pork Loin_blog

The beauty of the Yoder Smokers YS640 is that you can easily start with direct grilling chicken breasts to juicy perfection and then switch to smoking a pork loin. In this video, Brandon shows you how to do both! Here’s the transcript if you want to read about it or visit the video included below. I’ve already taken the liberty of taking these chicken breasts out of the packaging, I’ve rinsed them with water and all I’m doing now is just trimming that thick fat off.

We know it’s not going break down there in the cook. We know it’s going be a nasty bite. So I am going to go ahead and take that right off the breast, clean these up, make sure we’re throwing a good-looking breast on the grill. Today I’m using the Plowboys Yardbird seasoning. This is one of my favorite seasonings for chicken. It’s sweet with a little bit of bite on the end of it. Definitely one of my favorites. Put a medium shake on these. Not going do them so light you can’t taste the seasoning, we’re not going to do them so heavy like a pork. But you really just want to coat the exterior, make sure your pat the rub into the breast. When you throw them on (the grill) you’re going to get that seasoning to kind of char into the breast and it’s going to give you just that little extra flavor that you just didn’t expect. Don’t be afraid to mix a couple of your favorite rubs together and just find your perfect combination. Here we have the YS640. I have the two-piece diffuser in with direct grill grates. I’ll pull these grates off just to show you. There’s the two-piece heat diffuser. It makes grilling really convenient.

Here’s the panel for it. You just pop that in and then you can go right to smoking. So why not get started and make sure you get these grates nice and heated up. I’ve already taken the liberty of doing that. I’ve got the Yoder cranked up to about 425 degrees. Add a little cooking spray so that we don’t stick. (Be sure to do this before heating up the grates.) You can hear that really starting to sizzle on the breast. I’m going to go ahead and close this up. This works really nice for steak as well. Anything you put on the grill gives you those really nice good grill marks. Getting some of that good smoke coming out of the stack here and that’s just kind of incorporating that nice wood flavor right on your chicken breast. I’m going to pop it open and take a look here. Oh, see it’s really giving you that nice good char on the on the breast, locking in that flavor. Let’s close it back up for a few minutes. Beautiful sear marks, that’s beautiful color of the rub. All right they’re up to temp now 165º so I’m pulling them off, and this is the beauty of this smoker, I’m going to pull these grates to the side here. I’m going to turn the temperature down
to about 250 degrees.

I’ll let this flame cool down, the temp get down to about 250º. I’m gonna slide in my upper rack here, just like that. Then I got a pork sirloin tip roast that I butterflied open. I’m going to put that right on. The thicker end is over here so I’m going to put that more towards that fire-pot side. Here we go. So I can see the flames getting real low, it’s losing the temp. I’m down to about 324º so we’re safe to go ahead and put this side on. So just like that we went right from direct grilling to now we’re going to start smoking that pork sirloin. Honestly it’s as easy as that. Pop in that plate, got my temps already down now to 274º . As long as it’s below 400 degrees we canut that plate in we’ll be okay. I’m gonna shut this up now. We can just really see that beautiful color from the rub coming out (on the chicken). It’s got that reddish golden color, got the sear marks. So we charred that seasoning right into the meat. I mean honestly this is just a great-looking chicken breast. It tastes great. I mean it’s cutting like butter. You really just can’t go wrong with this smoker, it’s versatility. I didn’t actually get a chance to put the the pork sirloin tip, that was the first time I ever smoked one of those. I saw it on sale at Costco. I got a four pack of them for $15 and just went for it. This chicken breast still had quite a bit of juice in it. It was delicious. I loved it my fiance loved it . . . Thanks for watching. Let me know if you want to see me cook anything else on my Yoder.

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2 thoughts on “From Chicken Breast to Pork Loin”

  1. Thanks for the video. Did you add the small ring handle to the removeable door on your two piece diffuser plate? I haven’t found an easy way to remove mine once I’m smoking

    1. That is the old style of door. The single piece was made so you can grip it with tongs, or if you wish you can add a snap ring to it. People had trouble gripping the ring when it was laying flat in a hot smoker.

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