Off the Grill – Feb 18, 2019

Congratulations to Boomerang BBQ for earning Reserve Grand Champion out of 130 teams.
This is the first in our weekly series that will share some of the things you might have missed in the world of barbecue.  For news, ‘ques and more check it out . . . 
In competition barbecue news
Congratulations to Boomerang BBQ for earning Reserve Grand Champion out of 130 teams at Humble Rodeo and BBQ  in Humble, TX.  This team continues to outperform most of the pack on their Yoder Smokers.  Follow them on Instagram @boomerang_bbq Brad Sheppard and the Pork Barr’l BBQ team picked up a Yoder Smokers YS640 right before their first competition and got 1st place for ribs, 3rd place brisket and 2nd overall. Make MMM Squeal finished 4th overall at Smoke on The Water in Winter Haven, FL.
And across the pond, Smoke and Fire got 4th overall, using a YS640, at the most extreme barbecue competition on the planet – high in the Italian alps at Winter Extreme South Tyrol (WEST) BBQ Contest!
Do you need a probe port?
This quick video tells you how the probe port is made and what makes it special.
What’s cookin’?
These are some of the recent cooks from Yoder Smokers owners. Prepping a whole packer brisket for cooking by Jason Wiljanen of Fire Therapy BBQ
If you are looking for a special date night dinner, try this recipe by Scott Baker, Dr. Tastegood
Alex Deshowitz of My Fresh Hands shows you how to prepare a delicious pork loin
Know some news we missed? Let us know in the comments and we’ll check it out!


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