Smoked Lemonade

By Sterling Davis, Slothstradamus BBQ

Sweet, smokey and satisfying … Make an impression with Smoked Lemonade.

Here’s how Sterling Davis of Slothstradamus BBQ does it on his YS640:  


Set Yoder Smoker to 180 degrees

Pour 4 cups sugar to 4 cups filtered water in a 9X13 pan

Smoke for 2 hours, stirring occasionally

Set aside when complete


Set Yoder Smoker to 450

1 bag of lemons (usually 16-18 lemons)

Cut in half and dip in organic sugar

Place lemons face down on the grill, cook for 10-12 minutes (usually until grill marks show on the lemons)

Remove lemons from grill and let cool

Squeeze lemons into a bowl and then run the juice through a strainer to catch seeds

Mix 3 cups simple syrup with 3 cups of water and add the lemon juice

If you would like, add 1 cup of your favorite Vodka


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