Personalize Your Pellet Grill with Custom Paint Color

We paint just about any color in the rainbow.

Yoder Smokers competition carts are available in three standard colors with no additional charge: orange, black and silver. Over the years, many customers have requested carts in colors to match their competition BBQ or business logo, favorite sports team, or even their car.

We paint just about any color in the rainbow. Give us a call at 877-409-6337 ext. 1 to learn more about options, availability, and pricing.


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2 thoughts on “Personalize Your Pellet Grill with Custom Paint Color”

  1. can you paint a four quadrant color. what I’d like is to have the cart painted for two of my favorite sports teams, SF Giants and SF Forty Niners. So, I’d like an orange and black, along with a gold and red. please let me know if this is possible. the…d

    1. Thank you for your interest in our product. We could do a custom multiple color paint scheme on a cart, we do a fair amount of customization as a normal daily process. In the case of the of a YS640 comp cart own side of the cart the front (door side of the grill) in gold with red placards and do the back side in orange with black placards. This would accomplish the color scheme you are looking for and allow us to execute the paint job with a seamless tie in.

      A custom paint scheme like this would add an additional $800-$900.00 to the retail price of the pit. The gold is the expensive part of the puzzle, this paint is very expensive.

      If this is something you are interested in, please let me know and we can get a formal quote together for you.

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