Smoked Buffalo Pulled Chicken from Bearded Skull BBQ

Pull meat and chop skin toss white and dark meat in Frank's Buffalo Sauce

Main Ingredients:

Whole Chicken 

Your Favorite Chicken Rub


Frank’s Buffalo Sauce

Slider Buns


Slaw Ingredients:

Bag of Mix Slaw

1/2c mayo

1/2c sour cream

2T sugar 

1 1/2T lemon Juice

1T apple cider vinegar 

1T Chipotle Adobo 

Honey To Taste



Mix all dressing ingredients together & chill for 1hr and then toss slaw lightly in dressing.

Fire up the YS640S to 275°F using fruit blend of pellets.

Trim/spatchcock whole chicken, rinse, pat dry.

Baste in avocado oil and season both sides.

Place skin side up directly on top rack of pit and smoke for 45min to 1 hour.

Meanwhile melt butter and add same rub used on the chicken to butter.

After first hour baste chicken every 15mins until 165°F internal.

Remove from pit and rest for 8 mins, pull meat and chop skin toss white and dark meat in Frank’s Buffalo Sauce.

Then build your sando!



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