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Smokin’ Deal BBQ

Welcome to our first Yoder Smokers dealer story; a profile on dealers throughout the Yoder Smokers network. In this profile we get to know Jeff Silvers, owner and operator of Smokin’ Deal BBQ.

A barbecue hobbyist for many years, Jeff Silvers had an idea. After three decades traveling the country in the corporate world, he really wanted to focus on more time with his family and spend less time away. It was time to make a change, and it occurred to him that his passion for barbecue could take center stage, so he took the leap. In 2014, he left his traveling corporate career behind and set his sights on opening a barbecue supply store, Smokin’ Deal BBQ, about 40 minutes north of Chicago in in Mundelein, IL. Fast forward to now, Smokin’ Deal BBQ is not only a success, but Jeff, known around town as “The Smoker Guy”,  is an award-winning competition pitmaster and a certified Kansas City Barbecue Society judge. And the future is bright.

“We’re currently looking to expand in 2023 as we’ve began to outgrow our 4,000+ sq.ft building, and are very excited for the future,” says Silvers. “We’re always looking to expand our portfolio while adhering to our original goal — provide world class service and support while offering the “gold standard” of products, including the Yoder Smokers lineup. The expansion will bring new additions and include outdoor firepits, patio heaters, and more emphasis on hardscape design and build services.”

As a barbecue enthusiast at heart, Jeff is a Yoder Smokers owner himself. At home he splits his time between cooking on his Kingman offset wood pit and his YS1500S pellet smoker. From ribs and pork belly to a reverse sear on a wagyu ribeye, Jeff knows firsthand how Yoder Smokers grills are next-level. And his advice on good barbecue? “Remember, take advantage of the process and don’t overthink it. This is all about low and slow cooking! Sit back, relax, pour yourself a beverage (and one for your friend or neighbor) and enjoy! And don’t forget to share your success stories.”

And when working with customers interested in a Yoder at Smokin’ Deal BBQ, Jeff’s suggestion for navigating the decision-making process is homework. “I oftentimes tell customers to do a little homework, some research on what’s out there. And if their budget allows them to purchase a Yoder, do it and don’t look back. They’re making a great lifetime investment.”

Jeff has a deep appreciation for these American Made grills and smokers. “We happen to believe that Yoder Smokers is an incredible partner! We can’t thank them enough for what they do, day in and day out. Unfortunately, raw material supply chain issues have continued to impact nearly every sector and production timeframes been significantly impacted. As a result, when you want the best, you may have to wait for your new smoker or grill. But again, this is a handmade American product and definitely worth the wait.”

And when it comes to customer experience, we found this review that tells the story: “Got my Yoder 640S from Smokin Deal last Friday and I could not be happier. The whole purchase process was fantastic. Jeff was fantastic to deal with and very patient with me as I am very new to Yoder and needed good explanations of the parts and accessories. He guided me to a perfect package. I could not be happier with the professional and kind service and the quality of the smoker itself. These things are tanks and made to last forever. If you need to have quality equipment and take your grilling and smoking seriously then I highly recommend this business. Thank you, Jeff, for helping me get this fantastic smoker.”

We want to thank Jeff and the crew at Smokin’ Deal BBQ for their dedicated partnership and for taking time to share a little about them.

For more about Smokin’ Deal BBQ visit: Read More

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