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Smokin’ Joe’s Pit BBQ

Looking for a few recipes to get rolling on your grill? We’ve got you, and then some! Meet Yoder Smokers ambassador Joe Martinez of Smokin’ Joe’s Pit BBQ and his arsenal of Yoder Smokers pits. From pellet to charcoal to wood, Joe has all the recipes you can handle and all cooked on a Yoder.

Martinez, a lifelong resident of El Paso, TX, is the barbecue force behind Smokin’ Joe’s Pit BBQ on YouTube. Joe has been cooking for over 25 years now, and like most folks, his barbecue journey began in the backyard. But it definitely didn’t stay there! He began filming these cooks and so began his YouTube channel: Smokin’ Joe’s Pit BBQ. Fast-forward to now and 112,000 subscribers later, Joe’s video recipes range from traditional to deliciously experimental.

“I’m constantly experimenting and looking to bring fresh twists to my recipes,” says Joe. “There are so many methods to cooking traditional backyard meals, and hopefully my viewers are intrigued and find a new way to cook familiar things.”

Eight years ago, Joe began cooking on a YS640 pellet grill and has since expanded his Yoder Smokers arsenal to include a YS1500, Flat Top Charcoal Grill, and a custom Frontiersman II.

“It can be hard to choose what to cook on! But each of these American Made pits offers a different cooking experience. The convenience, versatility, and accuracy of the YS640 and YS1500 pellet grills is unmatched…great flavor and no hassle. For live-fire cooking, the Frontiersman offset smoker and the flattop charcoal grill allow me to tend the fire and really manage the cook, which is something I really love to do.”

Being from Texas, Martinez jokes that he’d get kicked out of the state if he didn’t say brisket was his favorite thing to cook, but one look at his YouTube channel and you’ll quickly find he can cook it all.

“BBQ has always brought family and friends together, and continues to do so today. Invite the family over and try new things on your Yoder! From baking desserts to smoking the perfect backyard BBQ ribs to searing steaks, your Yoder can do it all. And if you are thinking about purchasing a Yoder, I suggest you do what I did — go lift the door on other smokers then lift the door on a Yoder. You’ll learn firsthand that quality leads the way to exceptional flavor.”

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