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Yoder Smokers vs Traeger

It’s the big topic of discussion when pellet grills come up, and it can be a spirited one. A conversation that looms around any backyard barbecue get-together at some point as the afternoon draws on and smoke is in the air — Yoder Smokers vs Traeger, and who’s the best. American made vs imported from China, heavy gauge steel construction vs thin sheet metal, or any number of topics, they are all spinning around the pellet grill universe. We hear it frequently here at the factory, too, whether it be emails or social media, we find ourselves at the center of the debate on a regular basis. And rightly so, but no matter what we may provide as fact and prove to be fiction, there’s nothing quite like a true-blue review from a real person out there cooking on the pit in the real world.

From time to time we hear from users who can speak with authority on this topic and have experience cooking on both pellet grills, which is what we bring you here. We invite you to read this write-up from Smoked BBQ Source on exactly that: Yoder Smokers vs Traeger.

Follow this link to their comparison story for how the two stack up:

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