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YS480S: best upgrade pellet smoker

YS480S: best upgrade pellet smoker

YS480S: best upgrade pellet smoker? Yes.

The Yoder Smokers YS480S pellet smoker was recently reviewed by Gear Patrol. Among a crowd of product peers in a showdown for real world value, quality, and ultimately results, it led the pack. Of course the Yoder Smokers YS480S earned points for versatility — smoking, grilling, baking — as well as it’s exceptional build quality. The article also made mention of its class-leading temperature capability for real searing and an authentic grilling experience. In fact, it was awarded the YS480S: best upgrade pellet smoker in the final outcome amongst many of the brands you’ve heard of, including Traeger, Pit Boss, and ZGrills. The Gear Patrol article stated, “Yoder Smokers’s pellet grills are, for our money, the best a residential user could ask for. The material selection is unrivaled, it looks incredible and, most importantly, the guts are top-tier.” We couldn’t agree more!

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