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Yoder Smokers Flat Top Grill Review

Yoder Smokers Charcoal Grill

In early 2023, Michael from Angy BBQ put our flat top charcoal grill to the test, and the result is a great read on multiple aspects of the grill from a real users vantage point. The Yoder Smokers Flat Top Grill review works its way through features and engineering that make the design versatile and robust. From the 1100 square inches of cooking space to the heavy gauge steel construction, Michael details how both are crucial to heat retention and overall performance, and not to mention durability — it becomes very apparent that this is not your everyday big box store grill.

“All it takes is one look at Yoder’s charcoal grill to realize that this is not a standard store-bought charcoal grill. The main cook box of this grill is made from 10-gauge 1/8” steel which provides both longevity and heat retention. This is not a grill that will rust through in one year like small grills you could pick up at a dime a dozen at big box stores,” says Michael. “Another win for Yoder and I have to commend them for taking a different approach with their charcoal grill. They could have taken the easy way out and made a Yoder version of a Kettle or PK Grill, but they put some thought into this and came up with some ideas that the competition never thought about.”

Read the full review here:×48-charcoal-grill-competition-cart-review/

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