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Yoder Smokers Wood-fired Oven Reviewed

Yoder Smokers Wood-fired Oven

Michael Haas, President of Angry Barbecue and self-proclaimed Pitmaster, recently gave an in depth review of the Yoder Smokers Wood-fired Pizza Oven. He honed in on its baking performance by breaking the review into several different categories, such as high heat baking, overall fit and finish, portability, and ownership experience.

Once his stone was hot and ready, his main interest was comparing the use of a pellet or gas grill with a stone vs this wood-fired pizza oven. He also wanted 3 questions answered: How evenly will the pizza bake? Will the cheese get golden on top before the bottom of the pizza burns? How fast will the pizza bake? Overall he was very happy with the oven. He plans to expand his horizons with it beyond pizza, which it is more than capable of doing, from pies, to breads, to casseroles and desserts. His final thoughts, “I do recommend this wood fired oven for current Yoder pellet grill owners. This could help you get out of a rut, and get you baking things you normally would not. It helps convert your Yoder into a cooking/baking device that can completely replace your in house oven/range.”

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