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YS640S pellet grill review

Many grills were reviewed, but the YS640S was everyone’s splurge pick!

Many factors go into selecting a pellet grill, and typically when we see reviews a couple factors are weighed more heavily than others. In this article from there are a crowd of grills that were run through their paces by editors and writers alike. Some feature settings were applauded, and sometimes pricepoint was indicative of praise. Value may be in the eye of the beholder depending on budget, but when it comes to consistent flavor and quality there’s little room for competitors when the YS640S is in the running.

“Like most hard-core grillers and smokers I know of, I have several grill varieties at home and which one I use for a given cook session depends almost entirely upon what I’m making and for how many people,” says Steven Schrimpf, avid griller and our procurement and inventory manager. “Not anymore. Whether I’m grilling burgers and hot dogs for my kids on a weeknight or participating in a BBQ competition, the YS640 will do anything and everything I want it to with consistently excellent flavor and precise results like no other I’ve ever used in my life.”

We think this article is worth a read, and some good prespective on what value and quality mean when it comes down to flavor!

Read the full article here:

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