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YS640S: Best Overall Pellet Grill of 2024

Best Pellet Grill

In a recent article by Popular Mechanics the Yoder Smokers YS640S pellet grill was named Best Overall Pellet Grill for 2024. Among the grading points were versatility, ease-of-use, technology, maintenance, and of course, flavor. Suffice to say hitting the mark on all aspects of the rating is no small task, and generally the crowded field of pellet grill options available today tend to focus on one or two of those features. But this is ultimately where the Yoder Smokers YS640S pellet grill pulls ahead, time and again. Editor Brad Prose and his team performed the testing and had this to say:

All of the pellet grills I’ve recommended in this guide have undergone thorough research, testing, and evaluation by my team. Each model was meticulously assessed for usability, heat and smoke control, ease of maintenance and cleanup, and, of course, the quality of the cooked food. Consistency in temperature and smoke production are critical considerations, as most buyers of pellet grills prioritize ease of use and exceptional smoky flavors. Believe me when I tell you that indulging in all the different smoked and seared foods is the highlight of the testing process. It’s hard work, but I’m here for it!”

YS640S: Best Overall Pellet Grill of 2024. This overview is a must-read if you’re looking to make a decision on a pellet grill, and you can read the full article here:

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