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WSJ: Best Luxury Grill of 2024

Best Pellet Grill 2024

Buyside, from WSJ, asked professional chefs, culinary instructors and barbecue experts for the best grills and equipment they use in their own yards. So we were pleased to hear that Pitmaster, Andrew Groneman, relies on his YS640s. “It’s the most versatile cooker out there and it will do everything from cold smoke to sear steaks,” he says. “I have owned one since 2011 and it has a welded body and very stout auger system.” It was also mentioned that the YS640s also excels where other pellet cookers fall short: Searing from a live flame. This roaring hot flame is convenient in several circumstances, from finishing thick steaks to grilling off some burgers. And finally, the Yoder’s 1,070 square inches of cook surface with about a foot of headroom under the tall lid, did not go unnoticed. According to the pros, there isn’t a turkey that can’t fit inside. Click the link below for the full article and details on how they made the YS640s their choice for Best Luxury Grill of 2024!


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