The Yoder Smokers Thermal Jacket

Thermal Jacket - GrubmastersWe can tell you a product is good, but it’s another thing when Yoder Smokers owners tell you it’s good.  John Deary of Grubmasters got a few gifts for Christmas, one of them was the Yoder Smokers Thermal Jacket. 

The thermal jacket for the Yoder Smokers YS640 and YS480 pellet grills help maintain temperatures during cold winter months.  This decreases the number of pellets used because the jacket insulates the cooking chamber.

In this video, John shows you how to easily add the thermal jacket to your pellet grill.  John lives in central Connecticut so he’s no stranger to cold weather.

I wanted the thermal blanket for the Yoder to kind of stretch that pellet usage maybe even out those (cooking) temperatures.

It’s definitely insulated. I know I read a lot of stuff online where people are saying that they got welding blankets and just threw that over the top of their Yoder.  And I don’t really
like the idea of that,  certainly being this close to the vehicles and the garage.   Definitely anything potentially could go wrong here with the homemade solution so I probably wasn’t
willing to do that.  But the fact is, this has got that insulation there I think it’s gonna work out great

Ready to order? Contact your nearest dealer or order online: Thermal Jacket at All Things Barbecue

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  1. Is it a good idea to use the Thermal Jacket in the summer? Does it reduce pellet consumption when used during hot weather? Will it burn off the paint on the exterior of the cooking chamber? Does the control board automatically adjust itself because of the extra insulation or do you have to change the cooking temperatures in the recipes?

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