Off the Grill – Mar 10, 2019

In this week’s Off the Grill we’ve got a product review, three new recipes and Boomerang BBQ is again among the top competitors!


Congrats to Boomerang BBQ for another top 10 placement at the Smoke on the Shores BBQ Championship in Nashville TN.

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With Spring just a few days away, you might be thinking of getting a new grill cover. This is a review of the new Yoder Smokers grill cover by John Deary of Grubmasters.

Everyone loves a good pork butt.  This recipe from Joe Giuffria of Southern Coastal Cooking has a tasty spin.

Brisket is the meat that shows you know how to barbecue.  Rashley’s Borderque shared this brisket recipe.

Finally, check out this grilled chicken teriaki burger recipe from Scott Baker, Dr. Tastegood.

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