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Slide Into Grilling Season

We get quite a few inquiries each year regarding new products that may be in the works, and one of the most frequently asked revolves around storage for utensils, tools, and accessories at the grill. Our team heard and listened, and we’re thrilled to announce the all-new Yoder Smokers Storage Drawer System for the standard cart models of the YS480 and YS640. If there ever was an ideal storage solution at the grill, this is it.

Our design team engineered a heavy-duty storage system to do much more than conveniently stow away a spatula and gloves. In fact, our new storage drawer has a weight capacity of 100lbs, and that means you can store your Yoder Smokers cast iron griddle, cast iron pans, and other more substantial items right there with your thermometers, grill brushes, and other go-to items. Constructed with high-quality materials, the new Yoder Smokers Storage Drawer is built with 16-gauge steel coated with 1200° powder coat and 304 stainless steel drawer front handle, slides and hardware. It’s true to the exact level of quality that is synonymous with the Yoder Smokers brand and built to last a lifetime. And needless to say our Storage Drawer System is made here at the factory in Kansas.

We’ve also taken great care to ensure functionality is optimal. The new Storage Drawer System features a built-in drip rail just above the drawer to keep spills away from your tools, and a drawer latch to keep the drawer closed. Easy-touch, heavy-duty stainless steel drawer slides keep the drawer system from slamming shut and make it easy to close when your hands are full. At the rear of the grill you will now have the option to hang and stow away your second level cooking shelf when not in use, thanks to hooks mounted on the back of the drawer system. It’s also worth mentioning we’ve designed the new storage drawer system to be installed without interfering with the Yoder Smokers Grease Shield.

For the backyard weekend pitmater to the serious outdoor chef, the Yoder Smokers steel storage drawer system is a must-have accessory. So, if you are looking for a practical and stylish storage solution for your YS640s pellet grill, look no further than the Yoder Smokers Storage Drawer System. Bring on the spatulas, meat thermometers, gloves, grill brushes, grill grates and your cast iron griddle! Everything you need can now be organized and within reach, so you can focus on cooking without any distractions. Read More

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