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Pizza Night. Redefined.

Pizza Night. Redefined with the Yoder Smokers Wood-fired oven

As you can imagine we receive input from Yoder Smokers customers quite often, but every once in a while we hear from one of our own here in Kansas. This is one of those cooks, coming your way from the Yoder Smokers marketing department.

“In the world of outdoor cooking, there’s a lot of to-do around wood-fired ovens and perfectly charred, bubbling-cheese pizza. You’ve seen them all over social media, ranging from small countertop units to full-blown built-in brick ovens. Chasing that smoky, gooey-browned pie is what all the hype is about, so when Yoder Smokers launched their wood-fired oven accessory I knew this was my chance to join the backyard pizzeria crowd. Turns out it was remarkable, and these are my takeaways…

Designed as an add-on to the already super-versatile YS640 pellet grill, Yoder Smokers’ wood-fired oven brings a new level of versatility to your backyard cooking setup, transforming your YS640 into a full-fledged wood-fired oven with cooking temperatures of up to 900 degrees! This high heat is key, creating a crust with that ideal balance between crispy and chewy, with a slightly charred exterior and a soft, airy interior. This intense heat also allows the cheese to melt evenly and quickly, creating that beautiful, bubbly golden-brown top that’s the hallmark of a great wood-fired pizza.

And lest we forget about the toppings! Whether you’re a fan of classic pepperoni or prefer more gourmet options like prosciutto and arugula, the Yoder Smokers Wood-Fired Oven bakes them to pizzeria-style perfection. The high heat sears the toppings quickly, locking in their flavor and giving them a slightly caramelized, smoky finish. And I for one cannot wait to get more combinations running through this thing. Last but not least the Yoder Smokers wood-fired oven cooks fast, we’re talking under 5 minutes fast, so cooking multiple pies back to back is no problem whatsoever.

Flavor is a big deal, but let’s talk about clever design and solid construction. It’s impressive.

The oven was engineered under Yoder’s roof, and handmade there as well. The patented oven assembly is comprised of a powder-coated hood that rests on a steel heat diffuser plate with a large opening and a diverter to move the heat to the top of the oven. The heat diffuser has a series of holes that graduate in size, are smaller near the fire pot, and get larger toward the stack, this combination from my experience seems to create a balance of heat from top to bottom. Trust me, it’s not just a high heat source, there’s some serious thought behind this design. Even the pizza stone is custom-designed for the oven, sourced here in America, from a proprietary blend and kiln-fired for even temps and rapid heat transfer.

Final word? The oven is easy to use, creates delicious results, and with a bit of practice, you’ll be crafting pizzas that rival those from your favorite pizzeria. And the best part? It’s a blast to use! Plus, prepping the pizza with toppings makes for a fun “everyone gets involved” family dinner, and after all, that’s a big part of outdoor cooking. So, if you’re ready to say goodbye to takeout and hello to homemade (dare I say artisanal) pizzas, it might be time to consider adding this incredible wood-fired oven to your Yoder Smokers outdoor cooking arsenal.”

You can read more on the Yoder Smokers Wood-Fired oven here:

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